Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pitfalls to avoid when planning for retirement

Have you started planning for retirement? Everybody needs to start planning for retirement. As we get older, our ability to update our blogs diminishes. We shall not be able to update our blogs regularly. This might be due to inability to type for a long time, lack of topics. Also, memory loss affects our blogging skills. We shall not be able to recycle contents to be good enough to appear original. We shall not have enough strength to be left clicking every 3 seconds to drop about 200 entrecards everyday.

I found this article on Motley fool that list ways to avoid botching your retirement plans. The link to the article is 9 Retirement Killers

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TMinut said...

It's kind of scary whenever I hear things about planning for retirement. I've never made enough money to save, whenever I see figures suggested (as opposed to a percentage), it's always more than I even make in a month! Guess I just have to hope my death and retirement come at about the same time...

axioblogger said...

Everyone needs to have a plan for retirement especially if the person has a chronic sickness. Nice post