Saturday, January 26, 2008

Want to what? Monetize this blog? Yes

I haven’t made a dime out of this blog yet. This blog is only 1 month old. I have read blogs in which the authors make like $1000-3000 a month. I usually say whoa. Then when I read blogs like shoemaker, problogger or the infamous John chow that make more than $100,000, I say eh mama. My first and the most common method of making money is by using Google adsense.

Google adsense according to what I have read is the highest pay per click (PPC) program. Pay per click program is a program that pays the webmaster money anytime an ad on his site is clicked. Pay per click is only important if you have a lot of traffic like more than 50 unique visitors per day. When you register with Google adsense, you can customize the ads to blend with your blog. Adsense try to display ads that are relevant to your blog. You also have the privilege to filter ads from some website. Adsense also gives you the opportunity to make money by including a search bar in your site. If your search bar is used to search Google, you get paid if an ad is clicked during the search process. According to adsesne, “Offer your users web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms”.

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kbguy said...

i know abou this too, but it's not easy making money from here,,adsence.

Julie said...

Re:Making Money:You have the moetization and traffic under control but content is KING. Try a once a week "pillar article" a longer post that offers your reader something to really think about. Stick with it though, you're over half way there, it takes time.

Amanda said...

I agree with Julie - keep it up. Loved your jessica simpson pic - had not seen that anywhere else. you might want to give a photo credit though....just sayin'!