Friday, December 9, 2011

Community Watch

Thanks to Olga Quinn

Does your neighborhood have an organized community watch? Until recently mine did not but over the past several months several concerned neighbors have tried to organize one in our community. I’m thinking about getting involved and doing what I can to help out. Although I have a home alarm system from, I have to admit that I don’t always use it. I’m guilty, like so many others, of being in a rush in the mornings and sometimes just forgetting to set it. Of course there are some crimes that an alarm system can’t protect you from. Like people stealing stuff from your garage when you forgot to close the garage door. Guilty again! I have actually forgotten to close my garage door as I left for work. One of my neighbors told me he noticed it was open all day but didn’t have my contact information so he couldn’t call to let me know. If nothing else, maybe I can help our neighborhood watch put together a contact information sheet for times like that!

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